Chris Ward

"An overabundance of look-alike products and me-too services is forcing customers to search for something, anything, to help them separate the winners from the clutter ." – Marty Neumeier, Zag


Chris Ward works with companies, not-for-profits, corporate executives and entrepreneurs to build brands that resonate, differentiate and perform.

As a consultant, and expert in branding and brand strategy, Chris has worked with numerous clients to enhance their reputation, stake out a market position that differentiates and resonates with customers or members.

"You gave us great leadership and guidance. You helped our teams be creative, enthusiastic, and engaged in developing our Brand Strategy. We are very happy with the results."
– Mark S. Woody, President, Palfinger North America

As a meeting facilitator, he is adept at helping groups build consensus and achieve a stated goal. A seasoned team leader, he excels at engaging participants in a positive and collaborative environment.

"You were able to work with diverse groups of participants, helping them develop messages that will resonate with our stakeholders. We look forward to working with you again!"
– Denise Larocque, Hospice Association of Ontario

As a speaker, his talks inspire, educate and motivate. From educational seminars to keynotes, his insight and entertaining style have proven popular with audiences from coast to coast.

"Not only are you a great speaker, you set my mind straight on what branding is all about, and how a brand can be created simply and effectively."
– Mark Bowden, TruthPlane Communications Training